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About us

About us

JI Service is an exclusive distributor and dealer of the “ZAZ” buses, which are originated from Ukraine. Moreover, we distribute Belarusian buses “Neman” and “MAZ”. We specialize in service and supply replacement parts for the above-mentioned brands, specifically for “ZAZ” and “MAZ” vehicles. “JI Service” Sp. z o.o. manages the completion of custom formalities, as well as registration, approval, service and guarantee procedures. As a “MAZ” dealer in Poland, we support and welcome every old customer of the brand as well as the new ones.

Our philosophy

“JI Service” Sp. z o.o. processes individual orders for delivery of various types of vehicles from the Eastern Europe. We specialize particularly in buses and trucks. It is our main duty to care about satisfaction of our clients and create long-term partnerships, therefore we adjust to various options and requirements. As a multicultural team, we treat everyone with the same respect and seriousness. “JI Service” Sp. z o.o. has been on the market since 2007 specializing in public transportation. Nowadays, we provide vehicles for polish transport companies of different kind.