ZAZ A10 is a city bus with a very successful construction. Although it has small dimensions, it allows transferring 37 standing and 23 sitting passengers, where 6 of them have direct access from the low floor. Up-to-date technological solutions guarantee comfortable journey in high standard. Air conditioning is provided by well-known Turkish firm SAFKAR and allows passengers to cool down in a heating summer, whereas five high-performance heaters in passengers section allow warming up during the coldest days in winter. Subassemblies from firms like RABA, ZF, Allison Transmission, SACHS, KNORR BREMSE, WABCO guarantee this vehicle a long service life and components from polish manufacturers like WAŚ (LED lighting), Filtron (air filter), KROSNO (side and back hatch gas springs), allow reducing operating costs. Both sheathing from galvanized sheet steel and stainless steel usage allow longer vehicle usage. At the same time, this vehicle is a very economical bus, which is a definite advantage. ZAZ A10 is offered both in 6-speed column shift manual transmission (ZF), and automatic transmission by Allison Transmission, which allows smooth change gear and improves the comfort of use.

Additional information

ZAZ A10 meets very rigorous ecological requirement concerning exhaust emissions. Depending on the version, it meets the requirements to Euro 6E.

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